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Techron: Can I see some ID?

The most hilarious and ridiculous thing happened to me this weekend. 
Hearing rumors that Techron was being pulled off the market and replaced
with the diluted Pro-Guard, I went to the Walmart next to work during
lunch time on Friday to get some Mobil One and some Techron and
effectively, there was no Techron in sight - just ProGuard.

Saturday I tried a different Walmart and they had just four bottles
left, so I took two of them at the usual price of $5.99.  Then, when I
try to pay for it, I am suddenly asked for a driver's license with a
very serious look like if were some kind of criminal getting supplies to
carry out some dark evil plot plot against mankind.  I asked why they
needed my license for and the cashier refused to tell me.  After all was
said an done and the cashier going to talk to the manager, I wasn't
allowed to take the Techron home without proof that I was not

Has anyone had similar experiences?  Next thing they'll be asking me for
ID to buy motor oil or even wiper blades!!  BTW, this was in Dallas, TX.

Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq