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Fw: Comparing Units

R&T used to have a "Fun Factor" equation that took a whole bunch of
variables (0-60 time, weight, etc., etc.) and then spit out a score. I'd
love to run this for the S, anyone remember the operands in the equation?

Speaking of the S, I just got done making the round-trip run from Boulder to
Fort Collins. This is a great run because there is a long section of I-25
that has a 75 MPH speed limit.

What makes me happy is the ability to accelerate, briskly, in top gear. 3600
RPM, 85 MPH, 5th gear, 16 PSI of boost, uphill grade... whoosh... Hello!
95MPH, very nice. Hee, hee this is fun. My current setup: TAP chip, rising
rate fuel pressure regulator, K24/K26 hybrid turbo, makes the car an
extremely strong freeway cruiser. That being said, I'm sure not winning any
stop light races, no low end under 4000 rpm (ok well I guess you can't have
your Kate, and Edith too. Or something like that?).

Question, what kind of boost levels (PSI?) will I see with a RS2 turbo and
an IA chip & 250 kpa pressure transducer?

Frank '93 S4
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>I dont know what you have been looking at, i am not talking soley about
>acceleration.  I am talking about the whole performance package.
>Including, top speed, handling, slalom, acceleration,
>braking...everything objective...
>Objectively, as a whole package, Porsche is number 1, it is provable...my
>friend even devised a method of rating the objective performance, even
>including the price...
>It is quite good, and doesnt seem to have any holes in it..