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Re: Throttle body modification for A6?

Levent Cur wrote:
> At 08:46 PM 3/22/98 -0600, Joseph J Chen wrote:
> >I have a 1995 A6 Quattro Wagon and am interested in modifying the throttle
> >body.  Has anyone done this?  Does it work OK with the automatic
> >transmission, or will I be getting harsher downshifts?  Is TAP the only
> >place to get this done now that Schaumburg stopped?  Thanks.

Schaumburg stopped?  When?!

> What will modifying the throttle body do, i have a 1993 Audi 100 CS
> Quattro, exactly the same as an A6 engine???  Better performance???  and
> what is done to the throttle body????
The throttle body regulates the amount of air that goes into the
engine.  When someone modifies it, they grind out a bunch of metal from
the inside so that more air can pass through it.  TAP claims an increase
in horsepower, but Shaumburg claimed only an increase in low-end
torque.  Personally I'm more inclined to believe the Shaumburg story,
but whatever.

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> Levent Cur
> 1993 Audi 100 CS Quattro