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'90 CQ questions

I think I may have located a '90 CQ in Milwaukee.  The car has 75,000 miles on
it, in pretty good shape cosmetically (although some bad repaint on the front
to fix rock chips).  It is a nice silver color.

The car does have some items that need to be addressed.  If you could, please
help me with the prices.

1.  Tech repair manuals, are there such a thing?  And, are they ungodly

2.  The car needs timing belt and waterpump (never been done).  How much are
these parts, and how difficult to repair (I think I've asked this before).  I
pretty much do all my own work.

3. Bomb, I'm pretty sure it is gone.  The brakes felt unassisted.  Someone
mentioned this costs $200 (part only).  Is it an easy repair?

4. Muffler, has a small hole in it.  I believe the mufflers are stainless
steal, and cost $1000 new.  It may be worth my time to take the muffler into a
shop and have them fix it (patch the hole).

5.  Funky alarm behavior, the door handle lever (internal) broke at one time.
 It was fixed.  Then the owner had to use a coat hanger to unlock the car once.
 Now the alarm sometimes comes on if you shut the door without locking it and
reopen it.  Does the alarm only consist of flashing lights?  Doesn't the horn
also come on?

6.  Place for parts, any good non dealership places that sell for reasonable
prices.  I'm looking for the equivalent of places like Vertex, Automotion,
etc...which sell parts for Porsches.  (and other makes I believe)

7. Sometime in this car's past, some idiot steam cleaned the engine.  Now all
the aluminum as ugly oxidization spots on it.  Is there an easy fix for this?