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Re: 90 CQ questions

 >The car does have some items that need to be addressed.  If you could, 
please help me with the prices.
1.  Tech repair manuals, 
About $115 from Amazon.com
2.  The car needs timing belt and waterpump (never been done).   I 
pretty much do all my own work.
FWIW, mess up a 10V Tbelt and it cost you some time and a tow, mess up a 
turbo or 20V it could cost you a head.  Shop price anywhere from 
$300-$500 depending on shop 
4. Muffler, has a small hole in it.  I believe the mufflers are 
stainless steal, and cost $1000 new.  It may be worth my time to take 
the muffler into a shop and have them fix it (patch the hole).
Possible, p[lenty of aftermarkets for lots less than OEM
5.  Funky alarm behavior,  Does the alarm only consist of flashing 
lights?  Doesn't the horn also come on?
Supposed to include horn.
6.  Place for parts, any good non dealership places that sell for 
reasonable prices.
Plenty of choices in the archives  
7. Sometime in this car's past, some idiot steam cleaned the engine.  Is 
there an easy fix for this?
If you find one let me know.  I doubt it's due to steam cleaning alone.  
This idiot plans to have his 91 CQ steamed as soon as spring arrives


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