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Re: Anyone know where I can find an MC


    It took me a while to figure out your post.  I thought you were looking
for a master cylinder, and I was having trouble trying to figure out why you
were going to give up on a car over a $125 part!  Now I see...you need an
MC engine for your 5kCSTQW!

    First, Are you sure your motor is shot?!  Could it be a bad distributor
itself?  You may want to pull the head before you decide whether you need a
new motor or not.  But, even if you need a new MC motor, they can be had for
$700-$900.  Not too bad, and there are plenty of dismantlers on the West Coast
out there.  Try Dad's or German Auto Salvage in Rancho Cordova (not sure where
that is).  I'm sure they'll have one for you.