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can 5K owners attend? Re: A4 Event in Santa Barbara/Camarillo CA

Sorry to say that I am not a A4 owner (only the owner of 2 5K and one of
them is a Q), but I might be interested in attending your event.....are we
allowed? (meaning we won't be lynched or something?.......)
My  past experience with "Newspeed" is extremely negative (a bunch of
arrogant "A-holes"), but also the only ones in Souheren CA that own the
hella headlight adj. machine........
Please let me know, i might consider it.....
What kind of pizza are they serving?......(deep crust? thin crust? will
anchovies be ava. ? etc......)
no comments from the list "censor " elders will be accepted, I used a very
mild expletive to describe the attitude of Newspeed, it should be a lot

Original Message-----
From: Steven J. Sherwood <ssher98@pacbell.net>
To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Monday, March 23, 1998 12:24 AM
Subject: A4 Event in Santa Barbara/Camarillo CA

>For those A4 owners in California:
>The NorCal and SoCal A4 Owners Clubs
>are having a joint club get together
>in Santa Barbara on May 29-31st.  This
>event will start on Friday, with a trip
>down to Camarillo to visit Neuspeed
>Performance Products on Sat.  Neuspeed has
>gratiously offered to host our joint
>groups, and display their various new
>suspension parts available for the
>new Passat and A4.  A tent will be
>set up, and Neuspeed is buying pizza.
>They will have their project A4 there
>for test rides (maybe drives?) to
>check out their new coilovers and
>sway bars.  There is a possibility
>that our friends at European Car
>Magazine might make a cameo appearance.
>We should be at Neuspeed from 10AM
>to about 3PM, with a caravan leaving
>for Santa Barbara at 3PM.  If
>anyone wishes to find out more
>details about the event, please
>visit the NorCal A4 Owners Club
>page, hosted on Sean Griffin's A4
>page.  It can be found at:
>If all goes well, we should have
>in excess of 35 A4s at the event.
>BTW, Jason Teller, author of A4.org
>will be flying in from Toronto to
>attend the event as well.
>If you have any questions, please
>email me (ssher98@pacbell.net) or
>Sean Griffin (seang@ns.net).  Hope
>to see other Audi owners there as
>Steve Sherwood
>97 A4 2.8 Quattro
>NorCal A4 Owners Club