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Re: Door Lock: Thanks and more hints

I did this job on our '90 V8 yesterday.  I also did this on our driver's
side door about a year ago with Scott Mockry's support.

To all those contemplating this job:  separating the outer shell from the
inner door is a must.  It makes the job easy.  It still is a 2-3 hour job
if you've never done it before, though.

The V8 inner door is held on by only 4 bolts (Al's instructions say 6 for
the 200).  The only gotchas is forgetting to put the spring back on,
forgetting to put the plastic weather shield back on before you have the
door sealed up, and not indexing the alarm correctly!  These items were all
covered in detail in Al's instructions.

I did not see how it was possible on the V8 to get any wires pinched/cut,
but by all means be careful as Al suggests!

Thanks for posting this procedure to your web site Al!  The bentley
instructions are spartan at best!

At 11:15 AM 3/23/98 -0500, you wrote:
>> Dan, who tracked down the two posts when my attempts using the
>> archives failed.
>Don't feel like you did something wrong - the archive search is still
>not up to snuff (at the moment it is only searching docs from 1997)
>and the other stuff needs to be organized.  As always, thinking
>and working on it, SLOWLY!
>> The parts guy knows the recommended items by heart:
>> 893837287D  Carrier 
>> 893837061B  Lock Cyl
>> N 0124111   Lockring 
>Yeah, makes you wonder why Audi didn't offer to fix this minor
>problem on a $30,000 car...
>Thanks for the additional detail.  I might add that if this has
>not happened to you, you can be proactive and install an alarm
>or keyless entry for very little money, and odds are you will
>never have this problem (or so I hope).
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