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Redux: dealers are scum

Once again, my lack of faith in dealerships is confirmed.

As I mentioned, my new A6QW has a lit check engine light, indicating
there's a fault code stored. When I called the dealership saturday,
to ask about the procedure for pulling codes on the V6 (it's a little
different than my 100Q), I got:

	"Well, with the complicated electronics in today's cars,
	 you probably shouldn't be poking around inside the
	 engine compartment. You'll just hurt yourself."


I since found the procedure in my owner's manual. I need a special
jumper; the spare fuse doesn't do it any more. The dealer removed the
jumper from it's holder before I got the car :-(

I called again this morning to speak with the service manager, and
he was completely unaware of any such "jumper", and unaware that there
was a way to pull codes other than their special diagnostic tester.
So much for understanding these cars.

This is the same car that doesn't even list spark plug size,
belt sizes, or oil filter model in the owners manual. I guess
they never expect an owner to even pop the hood any more :-(

Jeez, I hate dealers.
With any luck, this car will never be there again :-)


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