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Re: Fw: On the subject of ur-quattro fuel tanks...

You've caught on to where I was headed the whole time. There is a
station in Watsonville that I can't believe wasn't shut down years ago.
Their pumps have been _at least_ 10% off before....always in their favor
of course. I have pumped "20 gallons" of fuel into Lisa's 4k (not q).
Never been able to do that at any other station even when the needle was
well into reserve. Rated capacity including reserve is 18 gallons. BTW,
you can go about 80 miles on reserve in that thing. Great fuel
economy at 38mpg.

Buchholz, Steven wrote:
> ... perhaps to make sure that the guy running the filling station
> doesn't have them set in their own favour?
> Steve
> > ----------
> > If they are so accurate, why does the state (or county?) have to
> > re-certify them every year?
> >