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Re: Audi: company history


>I basically need to know when the company became known as Audi, 

 I will still get the name and ISBN number on the history book, but maybe for 
now this will help:
  Horch and Audi:
  The Name Remained the Same:
  The good doctor spent so much of the Horch company's first few years immersed 
in researching these innovations, in fact, that his financial backers sacked him 
in 1909. this rather inauspicious event was the beginning of Audi: Horch quickly 
decided to form a new company. Since the name Horch was already taken by the old 
company, he pondered how to place his imprint on the new. Inspiration came, in 
the form of a suggestion from a child studying Latin: horch, which in German 
means listen, translates in Latin to audi. Dr. Horch dubbed his new company by 
this adapted name, and went to market with his first automotive creation-the 
Type A-under the Audi name in 1910.
  sited from the 
  "Sales Training Information"
  "1992 Engineering Faactbook"
  "Audi 80/90 Quattro"
  "1991, Audi of America, Inc."
  I have a freind who sells sales manuals and brochers and I collected quite a 
number of nice pieces. I can put you in touch with him also.
  Rick (I love auto/motorsport history)Glesner
  Littleton, Colorado