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1.8T turbo longevity...

I spent the day yesterday with my VW club in Chicago for a TSD rally we held.  (Incidentally, a couple of quattro listers won the 
event in the only Audi entered, a coupe GT quattro).  Anyway we discussed, at 
great length, the 1.8T engine.  Many believe that increasing the boost to about 
one bar with one of the many chips out there is perfectly safe.  Others, 
including myself, are a little more skeptical.  Does anyone know of any reliable 
data showing such upgrades are safe?  

I would like to get a new vehicle this summer and have narrowed it down to the 
A4, GTI VR6, or a 93-94 Corrado.  The VWs many not be as nice but are faster 
stock and much more affordable.  If the chips for the A4 are safe then I will 
consider an A4 as it will then surpass the VWs in the fun-to-drive aspect.

Jim Bovenmyer