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Hi Max:

I am going to make some assumptions, as I am not intimately familar
with an '87 5kcst.  Does your car have the electronic pickup?  If so,
the problem that you are having is common on other european models,
not just the Audis...I have had a similar problem with an Alfa Milano.

There should be some sort of an amplifier that amplifies the signal
before it gets to the instrument cluster.  On the Milano, it is under
the back seat.  It has a fairly high failure rate (It's
Italian...remember!).  Not sure it applies to your car, and someone
else will probably prove me wrong, but hopefully it will help.

Best Regards,

Douglas P. Glanz

90 V8Q, 129K
87 Alfa Milano, 67K
83 Alfa Spider, 108K

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