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Re: Door Lock: Thanks and more hints

This is one area that the Bentley manual covers nicely: stating exactly how
to troubleshoot the factory alarm.  The Bentley tells you if voltage is
expected at which terminal at the alarm control unit and under what
conditions (arm/disarm).  Basically, if you apply 12v to a certain terminal
it arms and if you apply 12v to another terminal it disarms.  Very candid.

I haven't done this in our V8 yet, but expect to in the next few months.
Heck, it took me 3 months to fix the key interface at the door locks!

At 01:48 PM 3/23/98 -0500, you wrote:
>According to Dan Simoes:
>> > Dan, who tracked down the two posts when my attempts using the
>> > archives failed.
>> Thanks for the additional detail.  I might add that if this has
>> not happened to you, you can be proactive and install an alarm
>> or keyless entry for very little money, and odds are you will
>> never have this problem (or so I hope).
>        Dan,
>        a question. How do you get an alarm to interface with the existing
>        door lock mechanism? EG. On my V8 turning the key also turns of the
>        interior lights and that feature would be nice to retain when adding
>        an alarm...
>        /Peter
>91 V8Q