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RE: new S4

> Anyone heard anything lately on the new S4?

The following are the responses I received from Audi NA and Audi AG when I
emailed them regarding the availability of the new S4, possible S4 Avant,
TTS, and if a European Delivery program would started.  Sounds like we need
to keep bombarding them with emails, letters, phone calls, etc.

- Marc N.
'93 S4
'85 Urq

Thank you for contacting Audi of America.

We certainly appreciate your interest in Audi vehicles.

We plan to have the TT Coupe available in the U.S. during early 1999
with the TTS Roadster following about six months later.

We also expect to bring the beautiful S4 to North America but that is
all we can say at this time. Timing and details are still being
determined. There is a group of fans awaiting the debut. We'll make a
note to notify you of any information regarding the arrival of this

Plans to offer the S4 Avant have not yet been determined.

If we can help in any other way, please write again.



Dear Mr Nguyen,

Thank you for your e-mail message and for your interest in purchasing an
Audi car, according to the U.S. equipment specifications here in Germany.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have the necessary program related and
the sales technical support to allow a direct order and purchase. We are
just developing a tourist delivery program, so until the time as the
required system developments are fully installed, please accept our
apologies for any delay caused.

As for the choice of models offered on the U.S. market, please understand
that the decision which models are being imported or not solely depends on
our General Importer's decision in the United States. It may be useful if
you restate your matter to his address:

              Audi of America
              3800 Hamlin Road
              Auburn-Hills, Michigan 48326
              Tel. +1 248 340 5000
              Fax. +1 248 340 4660

You can also access Audi of America via our American Calling Center under
the following number:

              Ph. +1 248 644 0100
              Fax +1 248 258 5910

Another way of contacting Audi of America is via the web. The URL is as

              http:// www.audiusa.com
              e-mail: auditalk@vw.com

We hope this information is helpful to you.

Thank you for your interest.

Yours sincerely,


i.V.    i.A.

Uwe Schaper   Chris Kokossulis