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Re: fitting remote door locks possible??

On Mon, 23 Mar 1998 10:05:36 -0600, Peter Gotseff wrote:

>	Am I just going nuts? Why does it seem that others have 
>been able to do this successfully. 
>	Anyone BTDT? 
>	At this point its remote door locks or die trying.....

You will need to hook up the alarm so the switch in the drivers door
is still connected. The bi-pressure pump will then get constant 12V
from this switch during "stand-by". As you have allready discovered,
the pump dies without constant power supply.

This means that you will have to install some relays, so the alarm can
bypass the door lock when using the remote. These relays are included
in central locking modules on european alarms, but judging from your
description they are missing on your alarm, so you will have to add
them yourself. (Guess you should've bought an ElExpensivo instead :-)

According to the installation diagram for my Bosch alarm, it may even
be possible to toggle the locks with positive pulses to the pump
terminals _without_ cutting out the door switch first. This means that
you will have +12V on both terminals for a moment, everytime you use
the remote. I doubt that Bosch are correct on this.  

My suggestion would be 2 closing relays for the pulses (the ones you
have allready installed) and 1-2 opening relays for cutting the signal
from the door switch. Do not use too cheap relays, since they usually
pull 250 mA each, and you can only afford 2x150 mA. 

If the above is unreadable, I can sketch a diagram to show what I
mean, but I don't know if attached pictures are welcome here?

Allan Olesen, Denmark

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