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rough idle and low rpm hesitation

My 87 5kcst (auto trans) is being beaten off the line by all manner of
vehicles, including econoboxes and deisel tractor trailors!  For the sake of
Audi's everywhere, help!

Engine diagnotics report 4444.  Timing belt, rotor, plugs were changed and
timing adjusted by mechanic about six months ago.  When it was first back from
the shop, the car was a little sluggish in the low end, but not unbearably so.
Now, it chugs laboriously till the rpm hits about 1800 and the turbo spools
up, then it takes off.  

Can anybody offer suggestions on what to check?  I replaced most of the
breather hoses to try to fix the problem, to no avail.  Haven't tested with a
gauge, but vacuum seems tight since removing the oil filler cap kills it.  The
various ECU sensors are reporting ok-- or am I relying too much on the
computer?  Perhaps the timing was set wrong to begin with?