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Re: porsche #1 in racing [sic]

> using the 1997 year, and fia sanctioned events, the following were porsche's
> successes: 0
> specifics:
> formula 1: williams/renault
> rally (wrc class): subaru (manufacturers)
> gt1: mercedes

It's FIA's fault for giving the Porsche the turbo restrictor.
Sort of like adding a weights to a car to slow it down.

> gt2: viper

Used to be a GT1 class car.  

Not to make any excuses but just like with their new 911 road car 
they are really going away from traditions.  Not only in design but 
in mass production.
Shame, real shame.


Martin Pajak

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1982 Coupe (154,000) parts car

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