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Re: What is Techron?

>I found the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for Techron at Cornell

>It lists the ingredients as:

Mixture of hydrocarbon solvents including methyl cyclohexane (naptha) [C7],
Toluene (aka methyl benzene [C7]), three isomeric xylenes (dimethyl benzene
[C8]), and ethyl benzene [C8]).  These are simply common solvents for
non-aqueous systems.

               < 0.1%
               < 0.1%
         < 0.1%

Polyether amine is a detergent designed for use in non-aqueous systems.
Techron is simply a soap-like material which can solubilize solid organic
crud (technical term).  It should work as advertised.  My experience bears
this out.

>I don't know what makes a polyether amine special and couldn't find
>much about them in my brief web searching.  

See above.

>There is also a supplier on the web offering the concentrate for sale in
>They have it at $4.12 / 12oz bottle, but you have to buy a minimum of 72
>bottles. =8-()
>Thought this was relevant since so many people have recommended/use
>Techron on the List, myself included (mandatory content)

This might be worth some thought for us.  Shipping would be the first
obvious problem.

>Any ChemE's out there?

Dunno about Chem. E's.  Will a retired professor of organic chemistry do?  :-)

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