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Hi gang:
Back from Europe. Geneva was a gas. Audi A6 and S4 Avants on display.
A6 2.7T Sedan and Avant. Brakes same as A6. S4 Brakes same as S8.
Weird looking calipers. I'd like to see them off the cars to know why
they look so strange on the car. All in all this new A6 and the new S4
are great.
The S4's motor was such a clean installation. Just a little tight near
the Turbo's.

VW W12 Roadster a show stopper. Did not see the Beatle on the VW stand.
SEAT's new S4 version is a neat image boost for that division of VW.

Missed the press days but had a blast anyway.

Rented a A4 1.6, kind of slow but I've had this model before and it
would do 200 KM/H with a tailwind downhill and about 180 on the flat.
525 Dm for 2 weeks unlimited miles (MWST extra!). Drove 4K Km. Missed my
S4 big time.
Autobahns are like mirror smooth unless they need to be fixed.
The 210 FWY this morning felt like a rough grindy surface by comparison.

Glad to back home anyway.

Paul Rivera
83 Ur-Q
91 200 TQW
93 S4
94 S4