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84 Coupe GTs- paint and springs???

Just picked up a 1984 Coupe GT for my collection of Audi junkers. This one was
a real steal, I couldn't resist.  
 Anyway, my question was does anyone know who manufactures the OE paint for
the Audis? Was it Glasso? Did I spell that right? hehe.
 This one is a really cool color- it is very dark, almost black with a touch
of pearl to it- with some gold flake. It looks similar to the pearl black of
my 86 4000s I used to have. The paint is, on the whole, very nice, except for
some scrapes here and there.  I would like to restore the bodywork to
original, including paint, and maybe ditch the side mouldings. 
  My other question is who still has springs available for these cars? I would
like to do the suspension, maybe lower it and so on, but I can't find a good
source for springs. Of course, I haven't really looked that hard.
  Anyone have any ideas on the dash swap difficulties? What actually mates it
to the firewall? 
  Were there ever any "hot tips" for the 2144cc boat anchor under the hood? It
seems to run well enough, but it needs to be de-funked and de-FRAMed.  Of
course it's no ball of fire, but that will change.
Thanks- Jon.