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Steering rack leaking on ´86 100

Hi all,
After replacing the servo pump on my ´86 100, I found that it was
impossible to bleed the system from air.
This is most likely caused by a leaking steering rack. (Lots of hydr.fluid
in the protective rubber thingy.)
I'm not that interested in replacing the entire rack thanks to a minor cash
flow disruption.:-) Audi here in Sweden
are willing to sell my a rebuilt one for about 1000USD, but they can´t sell
me an oil-seal worth 5$.
Sooo....this leads to my question; Did anybody out there ever rebuild a
rack on your own, and if so, do
you remember the size and/or the designation code for the seal(s)?
If this has been answered a zillion times, a apologize for the bandwith,
but please point me to where
I might find an answer in the archives.

Janne Jonsson
Stockholm, Sweden