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Re: '93 - S4 stock 70,000 Vs Hoppen 100,000

From: pohanlon@4mc.com
>>>What is the concensus of opinion: at the same price would you buy a stock
'93 S4 with 70,000 miles or a Hoppen modified S4 with the RS2 (chip, turbo,
wastegate, suspension, 17" wheels) with 100,000 miles.
>>>My problem is that I commute 25,000 miles each year; what are the
problems to look out for on a high mileage S-4 ?

Wouldn't you then be in the same mileage range less than a year from now? If
these cars are in similar shape, a year from now you'll wonder why you
didn't get the better car.

Sounds like you'll gain a lot by getting the better car, and all you'll lose
is 1 years' worth of useage...