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H&R/Koni Impressions 5ktq

     UPS finally managed to pick up the Koni shock they had delivered to 
     the wrong address. Their scheduled 2 day delivery actualy turned out 
     to be 17 days.... after many calls I am very unimpressed with UPS 
     customer service. 
     Anyway, the H&R's and Koni's are installed. The rear shocks are set 
     75% stiff and the fronts 100% stiff. Impressions so far.... :) The 
     handling of the car is transformed from rocking and wallowing to  
     smooth and controlled. No longer are you pitched forward shifting from 
     1st to 2nd and you can push the car a lot harder out of slow corners. 
     Fast sweepers which were interesting (read scary) before, are now 
     balanced and flat. 
     I think I'll sell 5th gear, any takers? With the old worn stock 
     suspension I would change up quikly get the car in 5th and putter 
     along. This morning on the hour commute to work I think I used 5th 
     twice. Lane changes at speed have become enjoyable.
     So although not too impressed with the build quality of the Koni's I'm 
     very happy with the handling improvement and time will tell regarding 
     their reliability and warranty. There were still 11 sets of the H&R 
     springs left at the warehouse in Tornoto when I bought mine and I can 
     strongly recommend them $215 CDN! (usual disclaimers). Now if only 
     they had a set for the ur-q...
     Regards, Mike :)