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RE: Ridiculous parts prices (almost no Q content)

Hi - 

OK - I'm not the type to throw around frivolous class actioin lawsuits, but stories like this make me feel like I ought to be contacting my state attorney general.  Yes, I know this is classic supply-and-demand in action ('you demand it, and we're the only supplier'), but there 'oughta be a law' against this kind of gouging.  This reminds me a bit of the $10000 military toilet seats.  Can you say 'senate subcommittee' hearing?   I thought so....

But seriously, does anyone know if there's any case history of legal action against auto parts suppliers?

I'm no lawyer, just angry (and thank God I'm 5' 6" :) ),
John Legelis

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> Hello Listers:  I'm 6'9" tall, so headroom is at a premium for me.  While
> visiting with Igor Kessel, I looked through an old TSB booklet he had for
> the year 1990, and came across part numbers to retrofit the seat rails on
> the 200's to give an additional 12mm of headroom.  Called Linda at
> Carlsen today to get price/availability.  $2400 for the left seat rail
> and $1600 for the right!
> $4000 FOR 12MM OF HEADROOM!!!!
> Well, I guess I'll just have to keep my head permanently tilted!
> Brian