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One Last Gasp! - OneLap effort - (LONG)

Well, my dream of running this years OneLap to commemorate the 10 yr. 
anniversary of the Trans Am Championship for Audi looks to be all but dead,
at least for this year.

I started aproximately 5 months ago to secure sponsorship. This, I thought 
was plenty of time. Well its not! I've learned a lot in the process and I
sincerely thank those sponsors that were willing to help out with reduced
pricing etc., but in reality you just don't get something for nothing.

I figure that 2years on the sponsorship trail with a proven history is 
probably whats required and since I have no history! thats how it goes.

I had some good ideas that involved the World Wide Web, and although there
was some interest there just was'nt enough of a hook!

I am currently on my last breath with this project. I have a couple
of corporate sponsors that I am trying to entice with the help of a 
charitable foundation.

The Northwest Burn Foundation is based here in Seattle at HarborView
Medical Center where I work. This foundation provides rehabilitation and
entertainment to children that are enduring burn recooperation. for those 
that are familiar with burn/plastics you know how hard a process this

Just to gauge interest I was wondering how many of you "Q listers"
would be willing to pledge a donation of your choice to this foundation?
(No obligation at this point)
This information will help me convince future sponsors of the interest
that might be generated toward them.

Also if any of you out there have knowledge of how this process works I
sure would like to hear from you.

The STATS: To sum it all up!
           I sent out some 40+ letters including Audi of America with 
           which I followed up with some 30 phone calls to AOA alone!
           I finally got ahold of someone who's response was "I never
           received the info, try again." I did and they wont return my
           calls?  Makes you kind of crazy!?

Thanks for listening-

    Triston Harlington - Type 44 - http://weber.u.washington.edu/~quattro

    P.S. The web page will continue to stay up and evolve ( hopefully)
         I will post to list when new content is interesting enough to
         take a look at!