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Re: Ridiculous parts prices (almost no Q content)

In a message dated 98-03-24 09:41:24 EST, you write:

> But seriously, does anyone know if there's any case history of legal action 
> against auto parts suppliers?

Man you guys are amazing.  Parts prices aren't dependent on Dealers alone.
Audi of America determines list price and dealer cost.  most dealers simply
charge list price and discount from there.  Some of the other dealers charge
whatever they want.  Audi parts are expensive because of several reasons:

Supply and demand a part that isn't in demand is going to be generally higher

Importing costs, that is Audi of America buys it's parts from Audi AG.  In
turn Audi AG purchases parts from individual suppliers. Every time a
transactio is made the price increases, everyone wants their cut.  Take a GM
style compressor for an early 5k.  My cost at the local A/C shop 85 rebuilt
150.00 new.  Audi wants almost 4 bills.   Same compressor.  Audi costs so much
because Audi AG bought it from Harrison Then Audi of America bought it from
Audi AG... 

Import fees and shipping also increase prices.  Than your Federal Government
for that.  

If you want cheap parts drive a Ford...