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Headlamp Swaps

In message <A8BF51C72798D111B9EA00A0C93952AF0448CE@xchange.eac.com> Greg Amy writes:

> What you've just done is run the positive low beam wire from the car to the
> positive low beam wire to the new harness. Then, you're using the new
> harness and relays to run the 100W high beams. This way, you get 100W
> straight off the alternator for the high beams, and 55W for low. The car's
> electrical system still sees the load on the low side, and the "bulb-out"
> indicator goes away.

Not recommended for 100w lows, though.  There _is_ a proper modification to the 
warning system documented in the archives, but that's somewhere I have long 
feared to tread.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club