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Re: K&N mods for Audi 90s...

I'd also be interested in anyone's experiences with this.  I've put the
K&N panel filter in my 93 90 but that's it.  Didn't notice a *huge*
difference but it does get a little better milage now (like 1-2mpg or
something).  Couldn't really tell if it breathes any better now, though.

I must admit I'm a little skeptical of the cone filter for this car, for
a couple of reasons.  First, it does get pretty hot under the hood, and
we just had this discussion recently (not that I paid much attention to
it).  Also, where exactly would the air come from?  Stock, the airbox
has a duct to another box that surrounds the right side headlight and
there's some dinky little intake there next to the radiator.  Would this
still be the air source?  I wonder if maybe a more worthwhile
modification would be to find a better way to rout that so that more air
could get in.


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Computer Ren wrote:
> I have seen in European Car anad for a K&N kit for Audi V6s that
> includes an air filter and associated hardware, and some sort of throttle
> controller.  I'm sort of new to this scene, although I've had my audi for
> some time, I have never made any mods.  Is this a worth while thing to do
> for a little more than $300?  What is involved in installation?  Thanks
> for the help.  Spencer Sellay