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RE: Sunroof and Rear Windows Problems

> Hipolito, Ephraim On Monday, March 23, 1998 4:19 PM you wrote:
	>Sunroof still tilts but the rear windows stay shut at all

	Clean the power window switches.  Take them off the doors (both
the drivers master and at the rear doors), and spray the contacts with
an electrical cleaner.  All my windows refused to work, so I cleaned
them, and viola, they now work.  Try this first... it's inexpensive.

	>When opening sunroof, it will budge a bit and get skewed
causing the >motor to stop.

	Lubricate the tracks (oil, WD40, whatever).  Help it open by
hand.  Lubricate the tracks (top and bottom).  Open and close it a few
times so the lube gets spread around.  The operation will get smoother,
hopefully eliminating the 'budge and skew' syndrom.  Did the same on
mine.  Works great.

	>Also had anyone had the headliner in their car re-glued. Part
of my
	>headliner came un-glued and I was wondering what kind glue and
how >difficult it is to repair it myself.

	There has been alot of traffic on this the last week.  Check the
archives.  From what I understand, though, it's a bear.  I went to auto
upholstery school, and I still had mine professionally redone.  Good
luck with this one.

	Happy motoring.

	86 5ksct 5sp