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Re:reducing lag via exhaust efficiency


I have upgraded my 91 200tq with the RS2 turbo and exhaust in combination
with a Lehman box and a modified version of Ivors 3" exhaust (larger down
pipe, 3" racing cat,one muffler.

The mods were done in stages.  First came the stage 1 box and manifold soon
after.  The manifold was vary subtle and smoothed things out.  With out the
turbo not a great value for the return.  Next came a cat back 3" system
with a Brullen muffler and no resonator.  Took 60 lbs off the car and made
it pretty loud.  Didn't bother me but the wife is not fond of it.  The
stock turbo defiantly spooled faster and the car sounded great.

Then the Lehman engine complete with cams, head work,RS2 injectors
turbo,lower combustion pistons turbo and new motronix programing went in
the car a year ago.  The car was a very different animal.  Idle is about
the  same,to 2800 rpm pulls the same above 3200 rpm it is a rush.

I tired the car out at the Glen in early June and promptly installed a big
brake kit.  I also placed the complete 3" exhaust on.  the idle got a
little lopey but the turbo spools faster (if possible).  The exhaust
resonates at legal highway speeds but quiets down at 80mph and is very
quiet between 85 and 110 mph. I have had a few major and minor setbacks but
hopefully have everything sorted out.

I would have to say (imperially) that the exhaust mods have helped but the
real benefit came with the exhaust and big turbo.  If noise might be a
problem Al Tackman has a similar set up on his S6 wagon and installed a 3"
Borella in where the resonator came out.  His system is raspy not loud.

Good luck with your mods.  I think that Neds chip is a good idea and you
should use him for ideas.  I have heard his car with the 3B motor and his
3" exhaust(which he drove across country) 2 years ago at the Glen.  He will
be the first to tell you that it can get pretty loud.

Later   Jeff Donnelly    91 200 avant