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Re: What is Techron?

For a short time, AutoEGO is having a sale on 20 oz. bottles of Techron concentrate @$5.90 each (six bottles minimum) including shipping.  They have an 800 number (which I don't have handy at the moment).  I'm not affiliated with them.

Alex Kowalski (audial@aol.com) (Alex Kowalski) wrote:

Bob Myers wrote:

> Dunno about Chem. E's.  Will a retired professor of organic chemistry
> do? :-)

Well, if you wanna just _squeak_ by.....  ;-)

Anyway, the supplier I listed also sells the 20-ounce bottles for
$6.19 apice.  You have to buy 48 of them, which comes to
almost exactly $300.  They indicate that they ship UPS ground,
so apparently UPS doesn't have any trouble with shipping sealed bottles
 of Techron.

I have a call into them to see if they would sell to me.  I'd be willing to
buy 48 bottles for myself and the List if I were sure there was enough
interest so that I could keep a few for myself and have Listers buy the
rest from me. (I can spare the $300 only for a short time...got a car to
fix, you know ;-)

If you buy 4 bottles, you're paying $24.76 + shipping for 80 ounces of
Techron concentrate versus $39.93 for the equivalent amount at Pep
Boys at the going rate of $5.99/12oz bottle there.  UPS ground shipment
of a 5 lb 12"x12"x8" package from Chicago 60613 to Beverly Hills 90210
costs $5.63.  So the total cost (including reimbursing me for the initial
shipment cost)  with taxes and shipping would probably work out to
about $32, or a 20% price break for listers who wanted to get involved.

I think a minimum of 4 bottles/person would be a good number, that way
we'd start with 12 people, myself included.

Anyone think it's worth it?  Comments?

Feel free to email me and I'll let everyone know what I find out from the
supplier.  I will also find out if you have to register it with UPS as a
HazMat for shipping.  If you do, that puts the kibosh on the whole thing
because declaring it a HazMat makes the shipping cost go up by about

Best Wishes,