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Re: On the Techron subject...

> Audi engines have been prepared for unleaded fuel for years.  The same
> head part numbers are used for Swiss and Swedish versions of the WR
> engine that were shipping in 1981 as for the US version (1983/5) and the
> UK version - which shipped until 1988.  Even though the UK WR engine
> is not specifically cleared by Audi for lead-free fuel, all of the
> relevant parts are the same ones used in the US lead-free engines.

I don't think the fact that the US versions used the same parts on
the earlier engines is necessarily good... early US UrQs are known
for eating their valves.  If UK ones do too with leaded, then
OK, things will be no worse with unleaded.

> In Germany, when unleaded fuel came in, all of the gas station
> attendants vanished into sealed glass cubicles.  If you're pumping
> unleaded fuel, _DON'T_ breathe the fumes.  Again, see the web for
> epidemiological studies of leukemias especially among Swedish pump
> jockeys.

...and we have these fancy pump nozzles that suck the fumes back etc..