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Re: warm up regulator

> He is also suffering with warm up problems, either from cold or from
> partially warm, in that he can get wildly fluctuating idle levels, and
> sometimes even when totally warm.
> The only fault he can find, having done some limited diagnosis with
> Haynes, is that the warm up regulator is not receiving adequate voltage,
> as described in Haynes. (resistance of the unit checks out)
> My question is, what controls the level of volts to the unit? 

While the voltage to the WUR will heat it up, it is also warmed by the
block.  The test that needs to be performed here is a control pressure
test from dead cold.  Fuel pressure gauge gets tied into the WUR return
line when cold, then car is started and pressures observed.  I believe
it is supposed to start around 50 psi and drop to about 10.  maybe I
have that backwards, it wouldn't surprise me.  This is really the only
test that really tells whether the WUR is working or not, I think.

BTW, I think one of the substantial improvements to come after my model
year (82) was to get rid of the WUR and control warm up enrichment

Huw Powell


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