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Re: Fuel for V6

Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:
> So, what does the 24-valve V6 *really* need for gas? The manual
> says super, the fuel flap says RON 91, or (R+M)/2 87.
> Can I use regular?

Assuming you mean the *12v* V6...

Huh. The manual and fuel flap for my 1993 90 both say 91 (R+M)/2.
The manual indicates that (since it's got knock sensors) you can
use lower octane in an emergency...

> My 100Q likes regular just fine; Angela's 20V needs at least 91.
> The stupid owner's manual doesn't even give the compression ratio!

>From my manual, it's 10.3:1... Wonder why they stopped publishing
all this useful info...