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Re: K&N mods for Audi 90s...

> Something I thought was notable, however, was the stock paper air filter
> had *many* more pleats, like 3 or 4 times as many, and was about an inch
> taller than the K&N.  Whatever.  The K&N was labeled for "VW Golf/GTI
> L4-1.8L, V6 88-96" and didn't fit in my airbox the same way the stock
> filter did.

Lotsa pleats, very restrictive, but it does its job well. Guess what
one needs is the stock filter, but longer and wider to grab more air
through more pleats. Instead of cutting back the filtering area to gain
easier throughput of air, you increase the filtering area with the same
dense paper filter so that as much air can flow through as the K&N
does. Now, can you just imagine what size airbox you'd need to do
something like that?!?! :) Or do something silly like make a duct from
the intake of the airbox and run a fat hose all the way to the grill
(assuming no intercooler) and then make the end bit of the hose a
huge rectangular bit to take a densely packed paper filter (OE thing)
that has a much larger surface area. Or even cast a double funnelled
end that holds 2 stock filters. Ooops, silly brain at it again (Damn!
What is this stuff I'm drinking?!?!?)

> I personally don't think a cone filter would work well for the 90
> unless some extra ducting was put in.

On my 200 it is damn near impossible. No wonder the intake duct curves
up and back and to the side wall, there is nowhere else for the tube
to go. I really can't see how to duct the intake hose to pass the turbo
and associated tubing. The washer bottle and lamp housing don't help
much either!

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