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Charcoal Canister hose?

Refering to an '88 5kCD TQ, MC motor.  Coming from the charcoal
canister, there's a small vaccuum hose that goes to exactly nothing.  It
comes out of the charcoal canister (between the fenderwell & the fool
distributor) and goes into a T, the top of which is capped off with a
big black plastic thing, and the other end of the T has another hose on
it.  That hose goes to a plastic 90 degree elbow, that's not plugged
into anything.  It was wrapped around the mess of wires going into my
euro lights.  So, where does it go?  The car is exhibiting a idle malady
(let off the gas & tromp the clutch, the RPM's jump UP then drop slowly)
that I'm trying to get ironed out, this goofy hose may have something to
do with that...  There's a tube sticking out of the turbo inlet hose
that has a screw stuck in it, and a band clamp holding the screw in
place.  I'm _guessing_ that's where the hose belongs, but didn't want to
just start sticking hoses in places they may not belong.  ;-)  Any
idears?  Many thanks!