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Re: The Right Spark Plugs

Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:
> My opinion, widely shared is that the W7DTC tri-electrodes
> are the best for the N/A 5-cylinders. Use them in my 100Q,
> and the smaller F7DTC in my 90Q20V. Haven't a clue what the
> V6 uses....

The V6 uses the tri-electrode plugs, too (at least for the 12v
motors). Though I've never used anything but, I've heard that
it runs lousy with anything else.

As far as "extended" life of the tri-e's, they're supposed to
be replaced every 30k in the V6 motors. And from experience, 
even that's stretching it a bit.

With much more than about 25k on them, the motor starts to get
coarse over 5000 RPM, and will "burp" a bit in low-speed city

The plugs have always looked fine when I pull them, so maybe
a regap at some point before replacement would clean things
up a bit...

1993 90CS