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Lucky me . . .

Thanks to some disadvantaged music lover somewhere, I now have the
opportunity to replace the CD player in my car.

Came out of the house this AM to find a pile of glass crumbs on the RF seat
and ground. CD-player (Sanyo ECD-8590) ever-so-slightly missing, gaping
hole in console where it used to be. Various plastic bits ($$$$$$)
destroyed, rear door window also damaged (it decided not to shatter, so the
music lover tried the front door window, which did break).

Local gendarmes arrive, take report. I mention that I'm on my way to have
my fingerprints taken as required for a state license, and opine that
perhaps they are fingerprinting the wrong person. (no response).

The good news is that my comprehensive coverage is zero deductable - they
(Nationwide) will be paying from Dollar one. (First claim in forever!)

Need prices and labor times on following parts for 1986 5000 CS (not T, not
Q), and LIST PRICE is FINE - they're sending me a check!!!!

	443-035-549 J  - radio fascia
	Climate control head (and part number - early '86)
	plastic fascia for climate control head
	443-863-241 K 6CT - panel, console, dark blue
	443-863-263 C 3BY - panel, trim, front
	Passenger side front door glass
	Passenger side rear door glass

Part two: Now that I have this check coming, I'd like to know two things:

	1) Cost-effective alarm system for "next time"

	2) CD-AM-FM unit plus front and rear speakers (crossovers & amps, too?) to
make good sound but not break the bank - is $300 to $400 a reasonable
number here? I can buy most of the stuff wholesale, so I really need just
recommendations on brand and model for this. (Any good used stuff around?)

Best Regards,

Mike Arman