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Re: Ridiculous parts prices (almost no Q content)

>Man you guys are amazing.  Parts prices aren't dependent on Dealers alone.
>Audi of America determines list price and dealer cost.  most dealers simply
>charge list price and discount from there.  Some of the other dealers charge
>whatever they want.  Audi parts are expensive because of several reasons:
>Supply and demand a part that isn't in demand is going to be generally highe

pricing and supply are also affected by whether or not audi ag has licensed
a particular part to the aftermarket.  for example, there is no
aftermarket source for the rear track control arm on a type 44q.
hence the list price on these things are close to $300 apiece. mine are
made by lemforder, the same manufacturer who made the (aftermarket)
front track control arms i used.  however lemforder is not licensed to
sell the rears in the aftermarket, thereby insuring an inflated price.


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