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Re: Which relay is doing that clicking?!?!?

On Tue, 24 Mar 1998 23:22:27 +0200 Gerard <gerard@poboxes.com> writes:
>For the passed few weeks I have been having some funny behaviour
>from my "over-funny-behaving" 200t. The temperature used to be
>just below the 90 celcius mark, but about 3 weeks ago the following
>started to happen:
>	1. in traffic for a few minutes after driving on the highway
>	   for less than 10 minutes (from cold start), temp climbed
>	   to 100 celcius on cold rainy day

Good, your thermostat is staying closed long enough to warm the car up.
Unfortunately, it may be stuck closed.
>	2. afterwards, on the same day, my autochecker indicated
>	   faulty taillights and burnt out brake light, but all
>	   lights were working and the only noticable faults were
>	   the 3rd brake light coming on when the headlights were
>	   turned on and the auto tranny release solenoid (the click
>	   you hear when pressing the brake pedal) also released with
>	   the headlamps were put on.
I would guess that this is the source of the autocheck fault (possibly
bad ground or short circuit in fuse box, mixing headlight, brake light
circuits.  Remember, the auto tranny release solenoid is
activated by the brake light switch.  I would bet that all of your brake
are coming on.
Maybe you have a corroded taillight/brakelight socket or a bad bulb which
is tying taillight to brake light and powering the circuit from the back.
Check to see if you headlights come on when you step on the brake.

>	3. the headlamp thing hasn't happened again, stopped doing it
>	   when I pulled into the driveway of the auto electrician

Oh, maybe it was water in a taillight socket.

Caution, this is all speculation.  Sorry I don't have any good ideas on
the temp
thing except maybe a bad cooling fan relay.  You might try cooling it
down by turning on the A/C which should activate the fan.  I guess my
gut instinct is that the temp thing is due to the fan not running.

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