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RE: Anyone know where I can find an MC

Greetings Phil!

> Distributor shafts _have_ been known to break.
... the first thing that I did when I saw the distributor shaft not
turning was to pull the distributor itself ... since its only held in by
a single bolt it is probably the quickest way to check ... the distr
shaft is intact ... :(

> In most cases, the valve damage that occurs during an interference
> event ruins 
> compression and makes the engine spin very fast on the starter.  I
> think if 
> Steve had had an "event" he who have seen other symptoms.  And
> depending on 
> tolerances, etc., _SOME_ early MC engines might just be
> non-interference.
Actually, I was thinking that it sounded like some spark plugs were
pulled ... it never occurred to me that the connection between the crank
and cam would break ... the belt has only got a few thousand miles on it
... prolly less than 10.

> Fingers crossed, gentlemen.
fingers crossed that I can just pull the head and have a valve job!  Any
opinions?  Is there likely to be damage to the pistons, conn rods,
bottom end from a situation where the engine was slowing to idle when
the belt broke?  The engine has about 130K miles on it otherwise ...

Thanks for the thoughts!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)