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[Fwd: '90 CQ FS]

Posted to 20V list yesterday...no response so to the Q-List we go.

No interest (other than wondering about the nautic blue
interior...wonder if the new guy wants to switch for the grey?  Would
prolly clash no?)

Derek Daily 
90 CQ Lago/Gry

Hey guys....

Someone may have already called or checked on this...sounds like it!

'90 CQ
Prl ext/Blue int (haven't heard of this combo...perhaps the anthr. looks
135k miles
asking $8500.00
SF Bay Area

NOTE:  He is getting calls from all over and already has a "low offer"
that is tabled for the moment...soooooo....if that's YOU.  Good job! 
You may end up with it yet.  If it's not you -or- is you and you want
another minor inspection I am local.

Derek Daily
San Mateo, CA
ddaily@mitsuicomtek.com (may get faster response)