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93 90s Throttle body/K&N Mods

I have both these mods and have not had any debris/dust problems on the intake
side with the K&N.  It is squeaky clean.  There is immense collection of sand
and whatnot at/around the plugs in the wells, but a weekly spray of compressed
air takes care of that.  This engine does run hot under the hood, but next to
the front left headlight assembly(once that huge OE airbox is gone) allows
room to take off all that plastic.  There is a curved vent scoop to the right
of the headlight that rests behind the front grill assembly, that blows nice
cold air over the bay.  As summer arrives it may be wise to look into the
AIRbath product featured in European Car about 3 months ago.

As for the Throttle body,  it was done by Craig Jones of Schaumburg Audi, he
lives 300 yards from me, and at last I knew he was still a tech at Schaumburg.
I did notice that there was/is more pull beginning at 2000 on.  And being a
cheated owner of an automatic, I have the +/- of the sport mode, which pulls
absolutely solid through each gear to redline.  The only drawback is the fwd
is all over as the wheels spin(time for new boots anyway).

Just some thoughts

David H.
93 90s
86 5000s