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Re: to interfere, or not to interfere - that is the question

my ur-quattro is having it's cambelt replaced (92,000kms) as we speak.  i'm
tired of worrying about it.  the mechanic said that it looked like new, but i
have no record of the work being done prior to my purchase of the car, and it
doesn't see much usage.  hence the replacement...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 18:47:27 EST
>Subject: info from Bucksnort RE: Anyone know where I can find an MC
><<fingers crossed that I can just pull the head and have a valve job!  Any
>opinions?  Is there likely to be damage to the pistons, conn rods,
>bottom end from a situation where the engine was slowing to idle when
>the belt broke?>>
>     When I pulled mine down the valves were severely bent and will definitely
>need to be replaced.  There were impact marks on the tops of all five pistons.
>Enough that smoothing them out would change the balance of the pistons.
>     If you read my earlier post of today, you'll note that there is a chance
>you only have one or two valves bent.  In which case you should be able to
>rework the head (and only replace one or two valves) and go back together.
>     But, all the remote wishing won't change whatever is in there.  And you
>won't know until you have the head off the block.