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Re:The Right Spark Plugs

>From all of our shop's experiences, the only place we would put the 
inexpensive Bosch platinums is on the shelf closest to the trash can !
We have run across problems ranging from poor cold starting to misfiring 
under moderate to heavy loads, especially in the turbo/supercharged 
cars. Age didnt seem to be a big factor, some customers reported 
installing them 3-6 months previous. The real Bosch platinums ( F3DPO 
like recomended for the S4s) seem to work very well-since they cost $15-
20 ea. they had better. The silvers also seem to work with the turbo 
cars as well. For the n/a cars, I would stick with the super 3 elctrodes

Ron Wood-Audis A Plenty