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1986 4000 upgrade questions

Im undertaking a restoration for the most part of my 86 4000CS quattro and Ive
got a couple questions for other 4000 owners:

I'd like to add a front lip spoiler to the car. The mid-late 80's BMW 3 series
owners have about 50 of these things to chose from from speed shops to J.C.
Whitney selling them. Does anyone have anything like that on their car? 

Secondly, I'm having the same question about the rear spoiler. Im going to put
on a generic M3 styles wing on the rear that looks something like the F40
Ferrari wing. It will be shaped to have a little lover profile than those big
obtrusive ones. Im asking if anyone else has put an aftermarket rear spoiler
on their car and what luck they have had with them.

Thirdly, Im going from the 205-60-14 tires to 16" Rims. The conversion tells
me that it should be 215-50-15 / 225-40-16. Cany you cut the wheel with 225's
in the front wells??

Lastly, Im putting the H4 conversion on the car with new headlight assemblies.
Ron's parts has them for $400. Anyone else do this. European Car Mag. got
theirs from there for the "Project quattro", anyone have this kit cheaper ~
like about 100.00 cheaper??

Wm. McDowall - Columbus, Ohio
1986 4000CS quattro