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Re: Suspension bushings: help needed

jrich@internet.kronos.com wrote:
> A tale of woe from an incompetent home mechanic:
> I got the bright idea to change my own suspension (control arm and anti-sway bar) bushings.
> I removed the control arm and felt pretty proud of myself.  Removing the bushings was another
> story.  I finally got them out, but only with the help of a propane torch to heat the control 
> arm.  Now I can't get the new bushings fully in, at least not without that propane torch, 
> which would make the new bushings fairly pointless.
> What special tool am I lacking that I need to own?  I'm trying to do this with a bench vise.  I lubricated
> the new bushings with soapy water.  I'm able to apply enough pressure to bend the vise's handle.

Make sure you're putting a giant washer on the "push in here" side. I
mean like for a 3/4" bolt. Also make sure you have a suitable receptacle
on the back side. This allows the outer metal part (~1.2" dia) of the
bushing to be seated all the way into the arm, and prevents the inner
metal part (~0.6" dia) from binding/bottoming. No heat is required, but
a touch of grease around the metal _before_ insertion is helpful.

'87 4kq with new bushes every six months
'86 4ks, new bushes with new struts
'64 Falcon convertible. Rubber suspension parts???