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Re: '89 200 Quattro

After reading the archives I'm almost afraid to post this question. You
guys are REALLY into this stuff.

Anyway, here goes. I'm having a problem with my Audi. This only happens
when it's raining or if the snow is slushy or if I drive into snow deep
enough to pack up under the car. Under these conditions the ammeter
drops down to 0 in about 10-25 miles, or as soon as the battery
discharges. This doesn't happen in dry weather. This is the 2nd Audi
dealer installed alternator in 3 years. I had an email from someone on
the Audi newsgroup that was very interesting, but my hard drive crashed
and I lost a month's email. He said to make sure the intake hose that
goes to the alternator is facing the right  way.   This hose does have a
few cracks in it and as far as I can see, it faces front . Is it
possible to be taking in enough moisture to be shorting out the insides
of the alternator? Could the windings be corroding? It's only putting
out 43 amps.

Can anyone tell me if they have had a similar experience? You would
think that I could remember what the last two alternators cost, but I
can't. Any suggestions on that would be appreciated.