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to interfere, or not to interfere - that is the question

In message <4736031325031998/A58997/CSAV05/11C3CB432400*@MHS> Dave Eaton writes:

> my ur-quattro is having it's cambelt replaced (92,000kms) as we speak.  i'm
> tired of worrying about it.  the mechanic said that it looked like new, but i
> have no record of the work being done prior to my purchase of the car, and it
> doesn't see much usage.  hence the replacement...

The S1 belt that went with Michele in the car had run less than a thousand 
miles - age did for it.

And don't look at the outside of the belt.  Most engines tend to stop in the 
same position (compression on a good cylinder) - check the _inside_ of the belt 
at the idler roller.

Just drop the old belt on a flat surface and look for where the outside tries 
to go concave.  Then look at the inside surface at that point.  You'll be quite 
happy you paid the bill.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club